Governor's Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness - State of LouisianaSince 1990, the Governor’s Office of Homeland Security & Emgergency Preparedness has coordinated several hundred State Disaster Declarations authorized under the Governor's signature. The GOHSEP staff is poised and ready to serve the people of Louisiana at a moment’s notice.

Vendor Questions

If you are a vendor (you have a product or service that you wish to promote) and you would like to establish an appointment to discuss this with Louisiana Homeland Security, we are asking you to please consider and provide the answers to the questions listed below.

Logistical related inquiries should be addressed to Casey Levy at

This will help us to establish our level of interest or to better guide you to those who are responsible for the procurement decision. This office is not in the business of procurement but we are interested in helping to determine and shape our State’s requirements.

You should investigate whether or not you are listed & approved by state government for price/service contracts if applicable.

We will contact you to discuss the establishment of an appointment if appropriate.

Questions for Vendors:

1. What requirement does your product or service fulfill? In other words, what is the precise need to which you are responding?

2. Who are your customers? (State government, local governments, private sector, other?) What other states are using your product and are you aware of federal funding opportunities to purchase your product?

3. Does your product or service add value every day or is it designed solely for counter-terrorism? Please tell us how it adds value every day.

4. Why does your product or service deserve to be a priority? Please list other priorities in the specific area of homeland security where your product or service fits.

5. Are there competitors you wish to disclose and what is the business case that distinguishes your product or service

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