Governor's Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness - State of LouisianaSince 1990, the Governor’s Office of Homeland Security & Emgergency Preparedness has coordinated several hundred State Disaster Declarations authorized under the Governor's signature. The GOHSEP staff is poised and ready to serve the people of Louisiana at a moment’s notice.
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Intrastate Mutual Aid Compact (IMAC)

Intrastate Mutual Aid Compact (IMAC) refers to the ability to allow Parish to Parish Mutual Aid assistance for those that do not have a current mutual aid agreement in place. With the availability of various parish owned equipment, material and personnel resources, the IMAC system will maximize the response capability for emergency personnel to respond to all hazard incidents.

Nationwide, this country has spent several billion dollars on equipment, training and exercises since 2001 to ensure that emergency responders have what they need in order to respond to any and all hazards that this nation may face. The State of Louisiana has recognized this significant investment and intends on utilizing these resources to the maximum extent. During the 2010 legislative session, law makers designed and passed Act 1035 on August 15, 2010 , it established the Intrastate Mutual Aid Compact, effective for any and all parishes in the state, to provide and promote mutual assistance among the parishes in the prevention of, response to, and recovery from, an emergency or disaster, as defined in R.S. 29:723. The legislation covers the issues of re imbursement and workman compensation as well as damage or injury to equipment or personnel deployed to incident in a jurisdiction other than their own.

Interstate Mutual Aid Compact Subcommittee
The IMAC Subcommittee is composed of all appropriate first responder and support organizations. Operationally, the Subcommittee has full authority to design, construct, administer and maintain a intrastate mutual aid system with capacity to share assets in support of full response to any emergency event that may arise in the State of Louisiana. The members of this committee are outlined under the members tab of this website.