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GOHSEP Response to Bayou Corne incident

Bayou Corne

The Governor's Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness is coordinating with state agencies and local officials responding to the sinkhole incident in Bayou Corne. GOHSEP continues to gather, analyze, and post situational updates twice weekly from the Assumption Parish Unified Command Group.

The Parish UCG is led by parish officials and consists of various state, local, commercial, and academic entities. We will continue to stand by the officials and residents of Assumption Parish throughout the lifetime of this event and will endeavor to assist by any means possible. Community members with questions can e-mail

Situational Updates:

Press Releases

Press Release: State Agencies Ramping Up Around-the-Clock Operations in Bayou Corne to Oversee Drilling of Texas Brine Exploratory Well Pierre Part, LA (August 17, 2012) - State agencies are stepping up their around-the-clock operations this evening near Bayou Corne as Texas Brine begins drilling the well casing for its exploratory well near the sinkhole that formed near its underground salt cavern a few weeks ago.

Emergency Declaration: Governor Jindal Declares State of Emergency for Plaquemines Parish, State Agencies Join Forces to Assist with Water Supply, Testing Baton Rouge, LA (August 15, 2012) - Governor Bobby Jindal declared a State of Emergency in response to Plaquemines Parish on Wednesday, clearing the way for state agencies to offer assistance to the parish as it deals with issues relating to its water supply.

Update Release: State Agencies Offer Update on Operations in Response to Bayou Corne Sinkhole Pierre Part, LA (August 15, 2012) - Louisiana State Police on Wednesday escorted truckloads of equipment that will be used to construct the Texas Brine relief well near the sinkhole in Bayou Corne, as state agencies continue their support of response efforts to assist the community nearby.

Press Release: After Pressure from State and Local Officials, Texas Brine Agrees to Make 'Significant Contribution' to Fund to Assist Bayou Corne Residents Pierre Part, LA (August 11, 2012) - State and local officials this morning informed the Texas Brine Company that its original permit for the brine cavern located closest to the Bayou Corne sinkhole requires the company to assist residents who must evacuate because they are deemed to be at risk, which prompted the company to commit to making a "significant contribution" to a fund set up for this purpose.

Press Release: State Agencies Continue Response to Bayou Corne Slurry Incident, DNR Issues Emergency Order Baton Rouge, LA (August 9, 2012) - State agencies continued their response efforts in Assumption parish today, where scientists conducted extra testing of the air and water quality around the slurry near Bayou Corne, finding no detectable levels of naturally occurring radioactive material on the surface of the slurry. State regulators from the Department of Natural Resources on Thursday evening also ordered the Texas Brine Company to immediately drill a relief well to investigate the salt cavern.

Press Release: State Agencies Continue to Provide Air Support, Air and Water Quality Monitoring and Testing to Assumption Parish Efforts to Respond to Bayou Corne Slurry Site Baton Rouge, LA (August 7, 2012) - State agencies continue to support efforts to identify the cause of bubbling, tremors and a mud slurry site in the Bayou Corne and Grand Bayou area in Assumption parish, including providing air support for more than a dozen flights over the slurry site and testing and monitoring to uncover the cause of the incident.

Press Release: State Agencies Respond to Sinkhole Near Bayou Corne, DNR Issues Emergency Order Baton Rouge, LA (August 3, 2012) - Officials from the Governor's Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness, the Department of Natural Resources, Louisiana State Police, the Louisiana National Guard and the Department of Environmental Quality have engaged with local officials in Assumption parish who are responding to the threat of subsidence and subsurface instability in the area of Bayou Corner in Assumption parish. DNR has issued an emergency order to compel the Texas Brine Company to take all necessary steps to evaluate the integrity of its salt cavern which ultimately may help provide relief to the sink hole...